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The aluminum frames create a lightweight yet impressive structure, with bright and cool LED lights inset into the sides of the frame, this allows for the maximum backlighting effect.  When installed, the graphic creates a seamless and wrinkle-free image which simply plugs into the electrical outlet, ready to attract all eyes to your dispenser station, the module is made of aluminum frame, the aluminum alloy applied is AlMgSi 0,5 suited for decorative anodization (15 micron), this provides to the profiles with an anti-corrosion shield (non-acid environments), and a  stainless steel reinforced base, very stable and will not shake easily. The dispenser uses 6 AA batteries, and operates touch-free when a hand is placed between the dispenser and the drip tray. The pump dispenses 1.5-2ml per dose, and the refillable bottle holds 1200ml.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Backlit Edition - 58"x58"

SKU: Backlit 992_496x1488
    • Set up time: Less than an hour.
    • Branding: Use your company's branding.
    • Graphics are easy to exchange
    • Graphic design services available.
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