This station stand is made of aluminum frame, the aluminum alloy applied is AlMgSi 0,5 suited for decorative anodization (15 micron), this provides to the profiles with an anti-corrosion shield (non-acid environments), you can choose the material of the divider between fabric, plastic or glass, and a stainless steel reinforced base, very stable and will not shake easily.

Space Divider -117"x78"

SKU: Space divider 117
    • 78” High
    • 117”x12” area
    • Aluminum frame
    • Stainless steel bases
    • Color frame: grey
    • Shipping: Delivery 8 business days.
    • Set up time: Less than an hour.
    • Branding: Use your company's branding.
    • Graphics are easy to exchange
    • Graphic design services available.