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Provide an instant antiseptic station to your workplace or event with one of our advertising sanitizer stations and helps maintain a clean environment while patrons or guests practice healthy hygiene with instant sterilizing. 

BACKLIT edition

Hand Sanitizer Backlit 52"x58"

SKU: Backlit 992_310x1488

*Information rental packages below.

Hand Sanitizer Backlit 58"x58"

SKU: Backlit 992_496x1488

*Information rental packages below.

Hand Sanitizer Backlit 52"x78"

SKU: Backlit 992_310x1984

*Information rental packages below.

Hand Sanitizer Backlit 58"x78"

SKU: Backlit 992_496x1984

*Information rental packages below.

All our rentals packages include a free sanitizer gel refill.

We have multiple rental possibilities for your needs.



we can support to creates safe work environments that help your business run in this unpredictable time, from conference rooms and private offices to open areas, lounges, and cafés, we can provide you custom solutions tailored to your office or business needs.

*Rental services available in CT, NY, NJ, MA.


Whether you're having a huge school carnival, church festival, corporate event, citywide function, or a backyard birthday party we can customize the stations for any number of people.

We have a large selection of sanitizer stations in Connecticut ready to kee your family, friends, and guests safe in this unpredictable time.

*Rental services available in CT, NY, NJ, MA.


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